We help you discover just how effective and easy business communication can be.

Telecom and business technology can be complicated.

You have meetings to run, a team to manage, and important decisions to make. There’s no extra time in a full schedule for researching, pricing, and implementing new technology services. That’s why business leaders rely on our guidance, solution selection, and deployment assistance.

By understanding your unique business needs we’re able to design a roadmap that gets you from vision to execution, including ways to keep business technology systems up-to-date while avoiding common mistakes and unexpected disruptions. With the right tools and services in place we can increase productivity and improve tech adoption for staff at all levels in all locations, and oftentimes realizing a 20-30% savings annually.

Less work? More profit? It’s possible with WHITECAP.

Our areas of expertise:

Cloud Services

• Desktop as a Service
• Public/Private/Hybrid Cloud
• Disaster Recovery
• Software as a Service
• Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365)
• Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)


• Hosted PBX
• Unified Communications(UCaaS)
• SIP Trunks
• MS Teams
• Contact Center as a Service(CCaaS)


• Managed Security
• Intrusion Detection/Penetration Testing
• Secure WIFI
• Multi-factor Authentication


• Metro-Ethernet
• Expense Management


• AT&T, Verizon
• Mobility Solutions
• Workforce Applications
• Internet of Things(IoT)
• 4G/5G
• Artificial Intelligence(AI)


• Professional Services
• WHITECAP TechniCare Service Delivery
• Audio/Video Conferencing
• WHITECAP Asset Management Portal
• IP Deskphones

You may be overlooking the easiest way to increase remote productivity.

Learn about the power of VoIP in our free email learning series.

We were setting up remote networks when “WFH” was just three random letters.

Whether you’re expanding your footprint with new locations and remote office employees or preparing for rapid shifts in how we define “office,” our infrastructure strategies and continuity services provide a seamless solution for workflow management.

Stay current and plan for the future with remote solutions and Work From Home products & services including:

• Desktop as a Service
• Unified Communications
• Microsoft Office 365 + Teams
• Security Toolsets

WHITECAP TechniCare + Lifecycle Management.

TechniCare delivery gives our clients 
a fully catered, white-glove approach to implementing new or updated services for your business. We offer individualized solution planning, vendor coordination for VoIP deployment including new phone setup and legacy phone removal, and can train your entire staff on the new system.

To better serve our clients we also offer TechniCare Lifecycle Management, providing individual businesses with personalized, secure portal access to an online telecom asset manager platform. There’s no easier way to get a full view of your telecommunications inventory and manage products,services, and contracts, all in one place.

A selection of our trusted partners.

“As a repeat customer, I always appreciate the personalized approach WHITECAP takes when teaching us how to operate these new tools.”

Tom Hil III / Tom Hill Realty & Investment

“In one year we saved over $23,000 with WHITECAP’s guidance.”

Lou DeSario / Duncaster

Ready to modernize your business communications?

VoIP is changing business tech.

Give your team the ability to stay connected anywhere, on any device, with secure access to the tools they need to be productive. Implement one simple solution to change the way you do business: VoIP.