We’re passionate about
connecting people through
evolving business technology.

Technology changes faster than you anticipate.

Telecommunications infrastructure and technology management can be a frustrating experience for many businesses. Problems need solutions, but how do you confidently select options in a seemingly ever-changing industry? From landlines to mobile devices, desktop to cloud, dial-up to gigabit, we’ve helped our clients navigate seismic shifts in technology while keeping them connected to their customers and staff.

We’re problem solvers and trusted partners.

With more than two decades of industry service our team not only understands the common pain points our clients face when upgrading technology but also has the experience to troubleshoot issues and streamline communications.

As your point of contact for technology services we can lead conversations with vendors and suppliers, allowing you to focus on the portions of your business that add to the bottom line. Together, we can enhance productivity and build confidence in how business gets done.

“Partnerships often start with shared values and understanding. WHITECAP takes pride in listening to client’s needs, detailing every concern, and strategizing customized solutions for implementation. ”

Rod Capobianco, Founder of WHITECAP Technologies

The right team. The right telecom options.

WHITECAP’s efficiency, energy, and expertise allows us to excel at deploying the proper technology to meet your needs. No matter the scale of the project, our team delivers peace of mind and the most advanced tools available to maximize your business’ success.

“As a repeat customer, I always appreciate the personalized approach WHITECAP takes when teaching us how to operate these new tools.”

Tom Hil III / Tom Hill Realty & Investment

“I highly recommend WHITECAP, it has been a pleasure working with them.”

Cindy Walsh / Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder, P.C.

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