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These data centers allow businesses of any size to rent space for servers and other computing hardware. They manage entire customer facilities and typically provide cooling, power, bandwidth, and physical security. In turn, the customer provides storage servers, retaining control over the design and use of their equipment.

Desktop-as-a-service (DaaS)

This is a form of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) in which the VDI is outsourced and handled by a third party. Also called hosted desktop services, DaaS is frequently delivered as a cloud service along with the applications needed for use on the virtual desktop.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

These instant computing infrastructures are provisioned and managed over the internet. IaaS quickly scales to demand with resources as separate components (physical and virtual), so customers only pay for what they use. This helps with applications and databases that are resource-intensive or legacy applications that run poorly on virtual servers.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

This is the licensing and delivery method of offering software services or a platform of services on a subscription basis. The method of accessing these licenses or applications is often via a thin client or web browser. SaaS allows for time savings, scalability, and enhanced security.

Disaster Recovery

This is the restoration of systems to a point in time when the systems were functioning. Company policies dictate the specific aspects of the recovery process such as priorities, maximum thresholds of loss, and maximum time to operational readiness. Disaster recovery includes both business processes and technology including applications, systems, and data.


  • Increased Data Security

    Data is the backbone of an organization, so you can’t afford to neglect its security. IaaS gives you a physically secure IT environment with enterprise-level data protection technologies at an affordable cost. IaaS also lets companies leverage world-class data protection solutions and stay up-to-date with encryption technologies and more with minimal effort. Disaster recovery will also protect your data against unforeseen threats or outages.

  • Greater Productivity

    Managing an IT infrastructure can be taxing on resources, so consider transferring the responsibility to those more experienced and equipped to handle it. Your systems will perform more strongly, and you’ll free up operational resources to spend on more productive initiatives. IaaS, DaaS, and SaaS all remove inefficiencies and improve your workforce’s daily output while alleviating strain on your teams for upgrades and maintenance of critical systems and components.

  • Scalability

    In combination, IaaS, DaaS, and SaaS give you the flexibility to cope with fluctuating demands, reducing unnecessary costs and ensuring you only pay for what you need. On-premise infrastructure and purchased software require an upfront investment with fixed costs, regardless of usage. With the cloud, you only pay for the data transfer, storage, processing power, RAM, or applications you need. And you’re able to instantly dial resources up or down by upgrading or downgrading the service package.

  • Cost-effectiveness & Convenience

    Cloud computing removes hardware and software expenses since there’s no need to buy, install, configure, and maintain servers, databases, applications, or other components. Only pay for what you use, when you need it most. Cloud computing also removes the need for real estate in your own building or data center. Easily provision new licenses or servers with a service request ticket, rather than taking on the responsibility of purchasing and managing the resources yourself.

  • Reliability

    IaaS eliminates the potential for severe downtime and tremendous loss. This is because cloud-based infrastructure leverages resource sharing, working across multiple servers and even multiple data centers. Many also include strict disaster recovery protocols to further safeguard your data. Performance IaaS providers equip their data centers with a high-performance computing infrastructure that guarantees low network latency with high IOPS for your applications.

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We craft custom, fully managed cloud packages for every customer that are scalable, affordable, and uncompromising. Our expert team analyzes your unique business structure, goals, and applications and then determines which can be moved seamlessly to the cloud. With WHITECAP, you can confidently make the move to the cloud and achieve an integrated organizational ecosystem.