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Managing telecom solutions and business technology takes serious effort, leaving little time to keep track of the latest trends for the modern workplace. As industry insiders, it’s our job to learn firsthand what’s working, what’s not, and most importantly, what you should be aware of. As industry leaders who take great pride in creating efficiency for our customers we often share our first-hand knowledge through webinars, saving you countless hours of research. Give us an occasional hour of your time and we’ll get you up to speed.

About our recent event

Cyber-Security: The Lifeline of our New Economy

Event Description:

Our panel of telecommunications experts shared next-level insights that could limit your business’s vulnerability to debilitating cyber attacks, saving you time, money, and major headaches.

Reduce your exposure and put a checkmark in the knowledge column for Business Security with our trusted industry advisors and the WHITECAP Technologies team. Let’s stay safe, together.

Presenters Include:

Rod Capobianco

President of WHITECAP Technologies

BIO: Rod is the President of WHITECAP Technologies and a 24-year veteran of the telecommunications and technology industry. Rod began his career as a direct sales executive, where he realized his passion for business technology and helping customers develop the right strategy for their unique situation. To deepen his commitment to creating honest and collaborative partnerships Rod founded WHITECAP Technologies in 2006 and remains active in Client Development initiatives and oversees day-to-day business activity at WHITECAP.

Nick Tempesta

Cloud Solutions Engineer for Intelisys

BIO: With 24 years in technology, Nick has deep knowledge of cloud computing, particularly around Daas and IaaS. At Intelisys Nick assists 600+ client identity and engineer right-fit technology solutions.

Ivan W. Paytner

National Cyber Security Specialist for Intelisys

BIO: Ivan Paytner has 30+ years of cybersecurity experience working for companies like Verizon, Masergy Communications, and Intelisys. He uses his expertise to enable technologies within multiple verticals while considering regulatory standards. Currently, Ivan’s work focuses on evaluating the efficacy of various cybersecurity solutions for both partners and suppliers.

Chris Moore

Senior Solutions Architect at Thrive

BIO: Chris has over 5 years of experience with Thrive. He received his Bachelors of Science from Colorado State University and maintains many technical certifications including AWS, Microsoft, Cisco, and Fortinet. Currently, Chris works with existing and prospective clients to architect best-in-class solutions to meet the technical and business requirements.

Chris Rafford

National Sales Director for Corvid Cyberdefense

BIO: Chris Rafford has over 20 years of technical selling experience in both security and financial instruments. He has been focused on providing cybersecurity solutions to the SMB market for the last 3 years; including the creation of cost-effective security assessment options. He is originally from northern NJ and now lives in Davidson, NC. 

Chris Riley

Chief Information Security Officer for Ntirety

BIO: Chris is a veteran cybersecurity executive, Governance expert and international speaker with more than 20 years of experience across multiple domains with enterprise organizations worldwide. He is passionate about IT development, security compliance, and is dedicated to transforming complex problems into effective information security controls to enable revenue growth.

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