Regaining Control with Telecom Security.

Peter Paul Electronics (PPE), a premier manufacturer of solenoid operators and valves, accelerated their telecom system evaluation after a staff member experienced a hacker attempt first hand. Their existing setup lacked continuity across ISP’s, phone, and security and drained their limited internal IT resources of time spent putting out fires.

PPE needed a more robust system that would limit future threat actor accessibility across their telecom network. They also needed a solution that would both prevent and detect vulnerabilities in real-time to protect organization and customer data more comprehensively. They turned to WHITECAP Technologies for its strength in pairing solutions based on knowledge of the ever-evolving technology marketplace.


Industry: Manufacturing

Size: Multi-Location, 150+ Employees

Location: Connecticut & Puerto Rico


WHITECAP assessed PPE’s telecom infrastructure and existing resources with a focus on enhanced threat protection. Options for outsourced security monitoring were presented to improve PPE’s security stance against outside attacks while relieving pressure on internal teams. Hosted voice solutions were also recommended to reduce barriers to proper management and customer experience. The right solution would:

Provide additional resources for daily security risk management

Detect and eliminate security gaps for external threats

Hunt down vulnerabilities on a continuous, proactive basis

Analyze all company traffic and ISP connections

Reduce staff time spent on system maintenance and management

Improve customer support with efficient and reliable call routing

Consolidate third-part vendor administration, support, and involvement


Managed Detection & Response

Implement a top-tier security solution to record and watch threat actors and eliminate any perimeter breach.

System Reporting & Outcomes

Identify, monitor, and report on traffic activity and threats with support provided by a dedicated system and team.

Ongoing Security Enhancement

Suggest new ways for increased security by regularly singling out patches, updates, and vulnerable entry points.

Hosted Voice Solution

Streamline telecom management to improve the customer experience and internal management.

“WHITECAP addressed our two-pronged need for reinforced security for an overtaxed in-house team while also solving mishaps in our cumbersome PBX system. The ability to work with a single vendor to solve multiple telecom aspects alleviated strain on several of our business units and helped us refocus on other internal demands.”

IT Director, Peter Paul Electronics


Vulnerability Awareness

24/7 monitoring solution to identify and manage network weak points.

Real-Time Insights

Daily, weekly, and monthly updates on environmental threat actors and origins.

Strengthened Security

New sensor and automation support bolstered existing staff efforts and resources.

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